There are several forms and degrees of interaction on Talentspace.

- Speeches: Talks or interview-style chats hosted by high-profile speakers or companies, these could be based on industry buzz topics or a company presentation. You can interact via the chat and Q&A section and only the speakers have camera and microphone access.

- Sessions: Sessions could be workshops, company presentations, or even coffee chats. As such, the duration for these sessions also varies, anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour. Some sessions will have a limited capacity to ensure they remain intimate and interactive, while others are open to everyone and will not require any sign-up process. Video or microphone access varies depending on the type of session, organizer, and employer.

- Live booth: Each employer has a live booth where you can drop in to ask all your questions, with no registration or sign-up required. When you enter a live booth, you're only listening to the conversation 'on stage'. Each live booth can host four participants 'on stage' (i.e. with full microphone and camera capabilities). You can send requests to employees/recruiters hosting the live booth to go on stage. When your request is accepted, your microphone and camera will be turned on.

- 1-1 chat: Private video chats with employers. It is possible for you to request these from employers, or vice versa. Your request will be reviewed by the person you'd like to speak with, and once confirmed, you can book a slot directly in their calendar. The 1-1 chat will be conducted via video or chat and is integrated directly into the platform.

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