As employers taking part in an event, you do not have to create or configure your live booth. Live booths are created by your event organizer and will appear in the Program and the My Schedule tabs if your company has been granted access to one.

Activating, entering, and managing your live booth

Once the event is live and during the time stipulated by your event organizer, you'll be able to access your live booth from either the Program or My Schedule tab. If you're the first person entering the booth, you'll be prompted to "Activate Booth" and can choose to

  1. "Join as a speaker": Full microphone and camera capabilities, appear 'on screen' to interact with all participants and have full access to all functionalities.

  2. "Join as a participant": Microphone and camera turned off, unable to access any functionalities (screen share, uploading pdfs, etc) of a speaker.

The live booth will need to be hosted by at least one speaker, should you be the last person in your booth and would like to exit, you'll be prompted to first "Deactivate" the booth before exiting. This ensures that participants are not entering empty booths and having an unsatisfactory experience. Participants can request for a deactivated booth to be reactivated, you will receive a notification when this happens so that you can activate the booth again to interact with them.

Editing the description of your Live Booth

It is possible to edit the description of your Live Booth at any time from within your Live Booth. Firstly, enter your Live Booth, then click on the text below your company's name and enter your desired description. This will be visible to all participants and can be a great way to advertise your booth!

Interacting with participants

All participants enter a live booth without camera or microphone access, and can only listen to the conversation happening in the booth. There'll be an audio notification for every first participant who enters an empty booth. Live booths can host four participants ‘on screen’, i.e. with full audio and video capabilities. Do note that whilst in a live booth, everyone is taking part in the same conversation, it's not possible to have separate conversations.

If a participant wants to interact with you or your team with full audio and video capabilities, they will have to send a request (accompanied by an audio notification) to you to enable their camera and microphone. You and your colleagues review and approve the request in order for them to join you ’on screen’.

Here's how participants request to go 'on screen'.

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