There are several forms and degrees of interaction on Talentspace. Availability of formats varies depending on the event and your event organizer. Here’s a list of formats available:


A speech/session is hosted by your company to give participants valuable insights into your company, industry, roles, career paths, and career advice. These could take the form of company presentations, workshops, or even industry talks. The duration as well as the capacity in each session can be customized. These variables, along with participant access to cameras and microphones, will depend on the organizer and/or you.

Check out detailed information on how to create and manage speeches and sessions.

Live booths

Your live booth gives participants the chance to drop in and ask the questions they have with no registration or sign up needed. All participants enter a live booth without camera or microphone access but can request to join with full audio and video capabilities. While there is no limit to the number of participants who can listen in on the conversation in a live booth, only 4 employees and 4 participants can be on screen at the same time.

More information on how live booths work here.

1-1 chats

These are private video chats between one participant and one employee, requests can be sent by either party (determinded by your event organizer). You can review all incoming requests and decide if you would like to accept or decline the request. Your event organizer can offer multiple durations for these chats.

Check out detailed information on how to send out 1-1 chats and review incoming requests from participants.

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