1. How can we share information about our company?

The main overview of your profile will contain essential information such as a short description, where your headquarter is located, when you were founded, and how many employees you have. You also have the option to upload images, 2 videos and up to five files in the form of pdfs (please note that the file won't upload If the name of the file contains any special characters like & _ / etc.)

(pictures have to be uploaded in JPG or PNG format and in a 16:9 ratio).

To edit, go to the My Company tab in the top navigation bar, click Company Info > Edit Info to update the following fields.

2. Invite colleagues to your Talentspace company profile

In the My Company tab, go to Colleagues and enter the first name, last name, email address of your colleague(s), and assign to the an event or multiple events. You can check the status of each colleague’s invite in this tab as well:

  • Joined: Your colleague has created an account and is on the platform

  • Pending: An invite was sent but your colleague has yet to log onto the platform

You can resend and delete invitations, revoke a colleague’s access to your company profile or (re)assign colleagues to different events by clicking on the more options button next to each person's name.

3. What is the FAQ Section for and how do I add entries?

The FAQ section allows you to anticipate the popular and common queries potential hires will have about your company. These FAQ entries can cover anything from your company culture, work, and interview and hiring processes. Participants will use this as a resource before reaching out to you and your team members and/or posting questions on the Q&A Board.

To add an entry in your company’s FAQ section, go to My Company > FAQ > Add Entry. To edit an existing FAQ entry, click “Read More” on an existing entry and then click “Edit” to update it.

4. Posting job openings

Go to the My Company > Jobs tab to add a job entry. You simply need to fill in all the fields to provide information such as job title, original job post URL, type of job, location, and a short description. If you're attending multiple events, select which event you would like to add the job to in the 'Event' field.

To edit a job, click on the “Edit” button. Once you have made your changes, click “Save” to update the job post. It is possible to add existing job posts to new events by editing the post and clicking the event box.

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