There are several ways and degrees of interaction on Talentspace. Availability varies depending on your preference as an organizer. Here’s a list of possible formats available from passive to active:

- FAQ: Employers post their FAQs about the culture, work, and interview/hiring processes at their company. Participants will use this as a resource before reaching out to employees and/or posting questions in the Q&A Board.

- Speeches: Speeches are talks or interviews hosted by high-profile speakers or employers that would attract the majority of your participants. These speeches could be on a buzz topic or an interview with a notable speaker. The duration and capacity in each speech is customizable. There are no capacity limits for speeches and as such, only the speakers have camera and microphone access. Participants can interact via the chat and Q&A section.

- Sessions: Hosted by employers to give participants valuable insights into the company, industry, roles, career paths, and career advice. These sessions could be workshops, talks, company presentations, or even coffee chats. The duration and capacity in each session is customizable. These variables, along with the camera and microphone access available to participants, will depend on you or your employers.

- Live booths: Hosted by employers, these live booths give participants the chance to drop in and ask employees questions - no registration or sign up needed. All participants enter a live booth without camera or microphone access, and can only listen to the conversation happening in the booth. Participants can request to go 'on stage' in one of the four participant spots with full audio and video capabilities.

- 1-1 chats: Private video chats between an employee and a participant. Requests are sent by participants and/or employers, depending on the event organizer. Employees review all incoming requests to decide if they would like to accept or decline the request.

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