Sessions are video formats created to host up to 50 participants and interact with employers on screen with full audio and video capabilities. Written interaction via the chat and Q&A sections are also available for those hesitant to go on screen. We recommend a maximum of four employees/speakers and six participants on screen with full camera and microphone capabilities.


Organizers set the available spots, duration, timeframes, and the number of sessions available to each employer and for the event. Employers are free to choose from the available time slots within the start and end times set by the organizer. For participants, as long as spots are available, they simply have to perform a one-click registration to secure a spot.

Live event

Sessions have to be launched by the individual employees/speakers hosting them. 5 minutes before a session is slated to begin, a "Start Session" button will appear for the speaker/employee to open the session up for participants to enter. Once a session is live, unclaimed spots will be accessible to all participants until the set capacity for the individual session is met.

Participants can express their interest to go on screen by requesting to "enable mic & camera" and this request will be approved or decline by the employees/speakers hosting the session. Once on screen, both employers and participants will be able to disable their microphone and camera or remove themselves from the session.

You can create Breakout rooms from within sessions to divide participants into smaller groups. This can be beneficial if, for example, you have a workshop and want to schedule group work.

To do this click on the "Breakout Rooms" button located below your live image window on the right.

Now a new pop-up Window will open. Now you have the possibility to make various settings.

Choose how many breakout rooms you want to open by clicking on the pink plus (+) sign. Please not that you can open a maximum of 10 breakout rooms. In the lower section you can then assign the participants to the corresponding rooms. You also have the option to rename the breakout rooms. The name must not contain more than 30 characters. In addition there is a option of automatic selection, simply click on "Assign automatically". When you are done with your settings, make sure to click on the pink button "Open Rooms" in the lower right side of the screen, to start the Breakout rooms.

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