Speeches are our largest format option, allowing speakers to present themselves to up to 3,000 participants (the final capacity limit will be determined by the event organizer). Due to the large capacity, interaction in speeches are in the written form; participants interact via the chat and Q&A sections and do not have camera or microphone capabilities in this format. For employers, up to six speakers can be on screen with full camera and microphone capabilities in each speech.


Organizers set the available spots, duration, timeframes, and the number of speeches available to each employer and for the event. Employers are free to choose from the available time slots within the start and end times set by the organizer. For participants, as long as spots are available, they simply have to perform a one-click registration to secure a spot.

Live event

Speeches have to be launched by the individual employees/speakers hosting them. 5 minutes before a speech is slated to begin, a Start Speech button will appear for the speaker/employee to open the speech up for participants to enter. Once a speech is live, unclaimed spots will be accessible to all participants until the set capacity for the individual speech is met.

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