Do participants have their own profiles?

Yes. Every participant sets up a profile with their professional and academic history as well as other information such as their values, interests, etc.

Can participants upload their CV/resume?

Yes, participants can upload their resumes.

What happens if participants do not complete their profiles?

The participant profile allows them to best present themselves to employers. There’s the usual education and work experience segments but they can also showcase projects they have worked on. Instead of just relying on their CV, the profile categories we have created give employers unique forward-looking insights into who they are and what kind of work and company they are interested in joining.

The more information participants provide, the higher their chances of showing up in the searches of employers. We therefore recommend that participants fill out their profiles completely (to 100%) and that you, as an organizer, emphasize the importance of doing so.

Where can I find the overview of all participants for an event?

In the specific event page, click on "Participants" on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. If your event is application-only, all applicants will be displayed in the "Applications" tab.

Can participants apply for job posts directly on the platform?

While jobs can be published and displayed directly on the platform, when a participant clicks on a job post, they are directed to the respective employer's job page and apply there.

What does clicking the "I'm Interested" button on company profiles do?

When participants click "I'm Interested" on a particular company profile, the participant is displayed in the employer's database under the filter "People interested in my company". The employer can then reach out to the participant.

When can participants begin interacting with and approaching employers?

Participants can reach out to employers once the event dashboard is launched on their side. We recommend launching the participant event dashboard one to two weeks in advance. This will give them ample time to look at the employers taking part in your event and what sessions will be held. Participants are able to send 1-1 chat requests to employees they are interested to speak with.

As employers get access to the participant profiles and event dashboard before participants, employers can reach out to interesting participants before the participant event dashboard is live to schedule 1-1 chats. We recommend employers to reach out to participants for these 1-1 chats two weeks before the event.

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