Does every employee get their own login or is it a company-wide login?

Every employee has their own login. However, as the organizer, you only need to invite one point of contact(s) from each employer, and then that contact can invite other colleagues.

Do employers have individual profile pages?

Yes, we have extensive and comprehensive company profiles for each employer, as well as an overview page that participants can filter through to find employers that interest them.

Do employers need to fill in their company profile information or can organizers do that?

Information on each company profile can be updated by either employers or organizers.

Can employers save promising participant profiles?

Yes. Employers can access participant profiles and filter them based on numerous variables. Then they can save, “like”, comment, share profiles and even create lists amongst their team. The participant will not be notified about these activities.

Can employers post job or internship opportunities to their profile?

Yes, employers can post jobs and internship opportunities.

Do employers see all participant profiles or only those who have either indicated interest or applied for a session?

By default, employers see all participant profiles. However, as the organizer, you can restrict the number of profiles shown to an employer which results in employers only getting access to participants who have applied for their sessions, expressed interest in their company (by using the "I'm Interested" button on their profile), or sent 1- 1 chat requests.

Can participants and employers speak privately over video?

Yes. We have an integrated 1-to-1 video chat tool which opens in the browser - that means no need to download anything - as well as a scheduling tool to make creating appointments easy.

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